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HD Tri Glide UltraTrike Review

HD Tri Glide Ultra Trike Review

What a beautiful looking machine is the 2017 Harley Davidson Tri Glide Ultra Trike,  and this 20 minute video gives an honest and factual review and a road test.
Performance is good too  with the Milwaukee 8 engine, and to go in reverse is a simple method of holding in a button on the handlebar.

Riding a trike is different and the jury is still out as to whether it is better to have the two wheels in the front,  or back.
Both are available on the market from various manufacturers, and each have their own unique characteristics  as far as handling is concerned, and safety.
Generally trikes have been looked upon as being more suitable for old codgers like me,  but I can see them being attractive to the younger generation and the fairer sex as well.
I know two females who have trikes, ride them every opportunity and absolutely love them.
One has the two wheels in the front and can also lean the bike when cornering as you can with some, while the other has the long standing single front wheel configuration.
It would be interesting to get them both together to discuss why they prefer their wheel set up,  and listen in to what is said.

The British in particular have in the past had quite a line up of 3 wheelers, although these were more car like rather than bike.

Morgan is one that was very popular in its original design,  and more lately with its modern version. in its 3 wheel line up.
Morgan have kept to the two front wheels setup,  while one of its competitors the very boxy shape Reliant had a single front wheel and was prone to be easily tipped on its side.
 wheeler farm bikes were the same and were eventually banned due to the number of fatalities and serious injuries. Though to be fair most crashes were due to either incorrect tire pressure,  bad loading, rider faults or a combination of two or more.
I havent ridden a road trike so I can’t comment further on the safety element,  but I do imagine given the weight, wheelbase 
track and tire profile the Tri Glide Ultra Trike would be perfectly stable in most conditions given the rider, would treat the trike with the respect it deserves. 

I would be more than happy to go for a long cruise on the Ultra Trike and listen to my favoutite Elvis, Dire Straits, Bruce Sprinstein Alan Parsons and more on the surround sound stereo onboard system.  and when I get to where I am going have a nip or two of my best quality home stilled JD.

Mat Laidlaw realy does give very professional reviews of HD’s, all we need now is a wee bit of humour.  Perhaps some of my home stilled JD will do that – off road naturally.

Special thanks to Mat Laidlaw for his usual quality review.  Photos are video screen shots