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How To Wash a Motorcycle: Do’s and Don’ts

Whether you ride an electric or gas motorcycle, one thing remains: your bike will get mudded. That aside, if you are still wondering how to wash a bike, you sure need to be reminded after a while how to restore that shine to your bike. With that thought in mind, we have compiled a list of dos and don’ts for cleaning a motorcycle. Sticking to these rules and learning about washing your motorbike can be as good as riding it—almost.

DO- Wash it with pollution-free water

The most ideal way to clean a motorcycle is by utilizing two buckets of water. While the cleaning is in progress, the dust, usually stuck on the bike, gets onto your microfiber cloth. Hence, the mud will be forced into the water and washed onto the cloth as you rinse the dirty cloth. This resembles dirtying the same bike by putting the same grime in one bucket. Pointless. Therefore, you should use two buckets when washing a motorcycle:• Bucket 1 contains some water and motorcycle shampoo.• Bucket 2 has water without pollution.

When you wash the dirt on your material, rinse it first in clean water before soaking it in a bucket with a cleaning mixture.

PRO TIP: A microfiber cloth is the best excuse for motorbike cleaning! The advantage of the towel is that it doesn’t scratch paint, so you can worry less about the cosmetics, and it sucks up water like there is no tomorrow, so remember to use it after washing to avoid water pooling.

Do- Wash Your Bike in The Shade

Giving your steed a bath in the sun guarantees you the opportunity to see your two-wheeled beauty in the eyes of a passerby. Let the sun take off the soap; it will dry out quickly. It damps your bike, leaving marks and streaks and making it difficult to wash it off once you hose down your motorcycle. Hence, the preferred place to clean your bike is the garage, under a tree, or a camping canopy.

Do- Take Your Time

Some of us are into washing motorcycles, but the others? Forget it! They would rather watch the paint dry. If the first one makes you want to hurry up and get it done fast, the latter makes you think you want to do it quickly. Albeit for the riders, it’s a natural thing to speed up, I would advise slowing down instead because any harm caused in doing the fast job can lead to pain & suffering later. So, slow down the process, take your time & then clean it properly.

Rushing could lead to several things:

• Blighting your bike`s paintwork

Doing it wrong – if you don’t wash off the road washes of salt and grit, you will just have wasted your time.

• The damage may be caused to your motorcycle’s parts and fittings.

As you know, washing a motorcycle not only applies to a beautiful look, but it is a vital part of motorcycle maintenance! Consequently, we suggest you decide at your convenience.

Do- Lube the Chain

When washing the bike, your primary aim is usually dirt, including grease and grime. That being said, there’s one area of your bike you want grease to remain: a link in the chain. Keep in that spirit. Your chain should be re-lubed after you have cleaned it and dried it off completely.

Do- Wax Your Motorcycle

How about we bring some heavy luster? If the reading recommends so, please use a wax coat. Waxing too is a necessity before storing your bike in the garage but should be done all through the year. Besides, it also enables you to ride your bike with a brand-new look while adding further to extend your paintwork protection.

DON’T- Keep Off from Bathing with Your Car Shower or Detergent

By no means do you have to apply your car shampoo, dishwashing liquid, or your own body wash to wash your motorcycle. The fact that the Damon Hyper Fighter is painted in such a way makes it look like a menace, yet the materials used are not insensitive. In the meantime, cleaners not specifically designed to clean motorcycles may contain some harsh, dangerous chemicals that can disfigure your bike’s paint job and components. So, you better use the one for motorcycles, a motorcycle shampoo.

Don’t Just Wash Your Gas Bike Right After a Ride

Self-evidently, you won’t be keen to clean your dirty bike after a ride. Though, by all means, it’s a good thing to do, it still is not appropriate for ICE motorcycles. Letting the bike cool off the gas engine times is essential enough to prevent any unfortunate incident. On the road, the combustion engine and its metal parts, such as the carburetor, are subjected to enormous heat. Worse still, you’ll scorch yourself if you handle it right away. Also, when cold water is poured on a running bike with the engine cooled, it may get cracked due to the abrupt temperature variation.

It Will Be a Bit Different with Electric Motorcycles

Let us not let this simmer down. This is because, on a city bike, temperature levels are usually a lot cooler. As such, a liquid-cooled electric motor is found in all Damon motorcycles. In theory, you could, then and there, ride it through Death Valley, get home, and immediately wash your bike. Well, you have a point there, perhaps have a drink and wash up first.

Until You Treat Them, Do Not Get Mad Scrubbing!

Well, if you get off the main road, you will quickly find yourself crawling with bugs that will stick to the headlight and rigid plastics on your motorcycle. That’s expected. Still, the left-over smudges can be problematic to remove. Be careful and practice self-control while getting rid of the bugs. You will, therefore, damage the bike’s paintwork if you scrub it too hard. A better choice is to attempt removing bugs from the plant stem. The method we suggest here possibly includes using hot water to clean or spray bug remover. After that, the beading process should go smoothly.

Your Electric Bicycles Await You!

Have you done everything recommended by the motorcycle cleaning commercial? Do you want a sharp motorcycle? Well, it’s that time to reward you and have fun on a ride! Your motorcycle washing frequency is your call. The rule of thumb, though, is every fortnight. You have to depend on your place, which may be your goal. Since DO is not for you, switch to electrical if your motorcycle’s cleaning is not your favorite thing. Both electric motorcycles and ICE bikes couldn’t be simpler to maintain and can be washed in a few minutes. On the other hand, electric motorcycles are more robust and easier to clean than their ICE counterparts. They are allowing you to spend more time on our final do: riding with an alert mind to prevent yourself from severe injuries.