Do Motorcycles Aid in Battle Against European Fascism?

The historical answer is yes. The modern solution is it depends. In the face of economic turmoil and the rise of so-called far-right movements in Europe, a force similar to ANTIFA has emerged to counter these threats since 1920s Berlin. An anarchist anti-fascist motorcycle gang, often referred to as the “Real Sons of Anarchy” (not to be confused with the Redwood Originals), has taken to the streets of Athens to confront and resist what them, the WEF and the EU view as extremist ideologies. The Real Sons see themselves as modern Soviets honoring their commitment to combating fascism and the evils of money, using similar rhetoric.

As of June 2012 the purportedly far right/neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn is officially represented in the Greek Parliament with support from the local media. As we have seen throughout history, in times of “economic” crisis, far-right ideologies tend to increase their influence dramatically. (Source)

The Motorcycle Club has proclaimed they are protecting vulnerable communities from a potential modern-day Operation Barbarossa. On the other side are the people they call fascists who are angry with steady migration and the high rate of rapes and crimes that have come with it. The skyrocketing taxes and deaf ears of politicians also madden others.

The main difference in old ideology here is that under woke democracy culture, antisemitism is similar to the early years of the NSDAP. And on the other side, ethnic Greeks want a legal system of immigration that does not flood their streets with criminals.

There really can be no debate, or anything to defend, because facts are facts, as will be verified below. But let’s look at how motorcycles are even part of the discussion in the context of a fascist state.

Beginnings of British Fascism

The origins of British Fascism can be traced back to the formation of the pre-war British Fascisti in 1923 by a Deputy Girl Scout leader. However, it was the establishment of the British Union of Fascists (BUF) in October 1932 that solidified the presence of fascism in the British political landscape. The BUF emerged from the remnants of Mosley’s New Party and was established as a critical component of its manifesto, known as “The Greater Britain.” The BUF aimed to promote its fascist ideology and exert influence in British society during that time until Germany started World War II.

World War II and the Spanish Civil War

Enter Clem Beckett (1906-1937) – A Fighter Against Fascism and Speedway Activist, simultaneously a member of the Communist Party of Great Brittain. Clem Beckett, hailing from Oldham, was a remarkable individual whose life encompassed a range of endeavors, from engineering, love of horses, and speedway cycling to activism and fighting against fascism. His father abandoned the family after the armistice, simply failing to return from Western Europe to the UK after serving in the First World War.

Beckett, however, was an accomplished speedway cyclist, constantly training on his bike throughout Britain. However, he considered himself a victim with a penchant for helping the fallen and other torment survivors. So naturally, he associated with the Young Communist League and the UK Communist Party regime and became vice-president of the communist front organization.

He believed fighting for central control over the masses demonstrated his commitment to social justice and equality. Beckett’s reputation as a daredevil motorcyclist was well-known, capturing audiences’ attention with his thrilling performances. However, he used his platform to advocate for a turning point within the sport. In the 1930s, Beckett campaigned tirelessly for safer tracks to protect riders from unnecessary risks and injuries. Additionally, he and several other young men fought against the exploitation of riders, highlighting the need for fair treatment and better working conditions in speedway racing.

Unfortunately, Beckett’s earlier exercise in advocacy and activism came at a cost. Speedway bosses, threatened by his efforts to improve the sport and stand up for riders’ rights, blocked him. This left Beckett in a problematic situation, and he resorted to performing daring stunts on the “wall of death” to make a living.

Despite his challenges, Beckett’s commitment to his principles and unwavering fight against fascism remained steadfast. His bravery and lack of fear dedication led him to join the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War, where he actively fought against the forces of fascism and the National Socialists sent by the Führer from Germany. When the Spanish Civil War broke out, he joined the struggle against General Francisco Franco’s Nationalist forces and fought bravely on the front lines. He was proud to fight alongside his fellow International Brigaders. He also displayed immense courage in the midst of tyranny and mass suffering.

Tragically, six friends from Oldham who accompanied him died fighting against the Republican Forces and Franco’s fascism during the Spanish Civil War. The memory of these brave communists from Oldham in Spain was honored in the now-defunct Soviet Union for a time, where Speedway ultimately gained popularity.

Italy and Bicycle Liberation

His contributions in this regard are noteworthy, as he can be credited with giving the Soviet Union its initial exposure to speedway racing. Gino Bartali, although not a motorcycle rider, was a world-famous cyclist in Rome, Genoa, England, Madrid, and America.

He remains famous for helping Jews in Italy at the behest of Cardinal Elia Dalla Costa. The story his son Andrea tells is that during the German occupation and loss of North Africa in late 1942, he trained in the mountains and passed on information in secrecy that ultimately liberated Jews at the war’s end in safety.

After Bartali began his cycling career, he dedicated himself to honing and improving his racing skills from the Alps to the Pyrenees. At the young age of 17 in 1931, he achieved his first victory in a race. Progressing in his career, Bartali turned professional in 1935. In 1936, he won his first Giro d’Italia, one of Italy’s most prestigious cycling races.

Recognizing Bartali’s talent – at the behest of Benito Mussolini and the potential to enhance fascist Italy’s reputation as the master “Italian Race” and as the master of international cycling, the Italian Cycling Federation insisted. He participates in the Tour de France.

Bartali competed in the Tour de France and contributed to Italy’s cycling reputation abroad. However, he raced the Italian roads during the Second World War to fight fascism by delivering documents to Jews hiding in Tuscany and Umbria from the pro-Adolf Hitler Italian fascists. He also sent food to the Vatican to help starving refugees, including war victims and his allies. (men, women, and children alike.)

During Florence’s liberation, Giorgio Goldenberg and his wife and petite boy found cover in Bartali’s cellar. His cellar provided a haven where they could hide and evade the dangers of the war. Bartali’s hidden act of sheltering the Goldenbergs demonstrated his bravery and commitment to helping those in need, showcasing his compassion beyond his achievements in cycling. In July 1944, Bartali found himself in a precarious situation when he was brought to Villa Triste, a place in Florence known for the imprisonment and torture of prisoners by local pro-Hitler Fascist officials.

However, Bartali, still a young man, had a stroke of luck as one of the interrogators who recognized him was his former army commander. This commander persuaded the other interrogators that Bartali was not guilty of any charges of providing Jews with identity cards brought against him. So they gave up their efforts to pursue the rumors against him. This fortunate encounter spared Bartali from further mistreatment and secured his release from Villa Triste.

Ultimately his actions would save hundreds of victims of the Nazis. He is now considered a non-combat war hero superstar for helping fugitives. His righteous fight against the Fascist Grand Council and the political terror organization of the Germans purchased him a place in the annals of history. Whether it’s fair to compare nationalist groups like Golden Dawn to old-school Nazis will be left to historians. Either way, the Real Sons of Anarchy have risen to force a new world order under the guise of anti-fascism, like it or not.

Challenging the Rise of Modern Fascism

As economic hardships gripped Europe after the 2007 financial crisis, far-right movements, such as Greece’s Golden Dawn movement, gained momentum, threatening peace and creating a new government. The ultimate goals of ending communism and fascism might be fully known if not for a few splinter groups.

For example, Golden Dawn, a purported Neo-Nazi party, secured 7% of the national vote in 2012 and obtained parliamentary representation, showing a center-right shift away from nanny state dogma. Leftist groups have claimed they are responsible for perpetrating violence against undocumented immigrants, Jews, and the so-called LGBTQ+ community. The purported surge in attacks against declared marginalized groups prompted a response of people assembled to ride motorcycles at a moment’s notice.

The “Real Sons of Anarchy”

An anarchist anti-fascist motorcycle gang that can speed up riots and hot spots has emerged in Athens, Greece. Often referred to as the “Real Sons of Anarchy,” this group has become a symbol of resistance and for breaking against fascism in Greece. Its member rides around and looks for fascists to beat up, similar to how they operate in the US, but riding motorcycles instead of in repurposed buses and vans.

By taking to the streets on their motorcycles, they show strength and solidarity against what they perceive as fascist ideologies, excitement, and the violence they perpetuate (by perpetuating more violence like the old-school NSDAP.)


Many US professors teach kids that Anarchism, as broadcasted, is misunderstood and demonized. These public school teachers claim communism and anarchism seek to challenge existing power structures and establish cooperative living rather than resorting to violence. They claim that anarchists, such as ANTIFA, have been wrongly blamed and scapegoated for acts of violence they did not commit.

They look at the legend of the Haymarket riot in 1880s Chicago as an example. Their version is that German immigrant anarchists were falsely accused and unjustly executed when righteous communism was at its peak. They have written that evidence suggests the police, not the anarchists, were responsible for initiating the now infamous riots in the town.

The Essence of Anarchism

At its core, anarchism advocates for a society in which people collectively govern their own lives, replacing the rule of the State or fascist entities. Anarchism’s fundamental principles are cooperative living, mutual respect, and shared decision-making. It is typically university-based, rejects bullying and self-interest in favor of a more egalitarian and just society. It achieves its goals by acting more totalitarian, seeking centralized crowds supporting the same idea of a destroyed middle class.

Protecting Where Governments Fail

The anti-fascist motorcycle gang represents a collective effort to protect communities when governments either collude with one side or fall short in addressing the threats of independence and loss of government mind control. By uniting on two-wheeled horses, violent groups that support the government can demonstrate their commitment to cooperation as a modern-day Non-Government Organization (NGO) cavalry.

Through their actions, they exemplify the power of collective, corporate-sponsored resistance and the resilience of the WEF to take down all their opponents. It is true; they want to force a one-world government on parents and others who believe in traditional family values. Calling anyone and everyone they disagree with a fascist is probably how they justify the chaos of a communist takeover that will only benefit those at the top. With almost total control of newspapers and social media, it is only a matter of time before any broadcast opposition is banned.

In a time when the purported spectacle of far-right movements threatens the social fabric of Europe, the Real Sons of Anarchy have emerged as an unconventional force to compete against so-called fascism. Like ANTIFA in the US, these motorcycle combat groups are closely aligned with billionaire-funded corporations pushing vaccines and population control that have smashed small businesses and communities. With their motorcycles as resistance symbols (similar to how black make ANTIFA look tough), they show an unwavering commitment to protecting vulnerable communities which emerge, vote for, and honor the far left like them.

By embracing the principles of Anarchism and challenging their perceived misconceptions, they embody the spirit of collective action and cooperation in the face of what they view as “oppressive ideologies.” In their defense, Justin Trudeau couldn’t agree more, and he would take away your long-haul trucks and close your bank account if you support a differing view. If history is correct, anyone who speaks out against government mandates could be killed, riding a motorcycle in the streets or not. Killing is part and parcel of far-left and far-right politics.


Motorcyclists and bicycle riders have a history of fighting totalitarian leaders from the German occupation of Europe to the modern-day threats created and labeled by the University’s far left as “fascist.” Our ancestors who rode motorcycles and bicycles have proud beginnings in the fight against evil. However, with Social Media and the press coopted by multi-national corporations and CEI Index scores, we can’t trust the government, on-air press, or even AM radio to honestly report the truth or evening news.

Even if their own life depended on it, for-profit journalists are beholden to their corporate and political masters for the most part. Eventually, we will never know the truth. We have many years of experience helping political dissidents injured in the resistance against fascism and far-left communism prevalent on modern US campuses.

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