Bikers Gather at Texas Capitol to Lobby Profiling – Civil Rights Violations?

You wouldn’t expect bikers to get into trouble just for the gear they wear, but a large group of Texans is voicing concerns over racial profiling, stating that they’re being pulled over for suiting up. Let’s explore the details of the news with Ehline Law and our personal injury attorneys.

Riders Rally at Texas Capitol Against Motorcycle Profiling

You may have heard of the expression racial profiling, but in Texas, motorcyclists are facing profiling at police checkpoints. On January 23, 2023, Monday, thousands of riders rallied into Austin from all parts of Texas, descending upon the capitol to send a message to the lawmakers. The videos of bikers entering Austin all over Facebook and YouTube will send shivers down your spine.

A speaker in the massive crowd spoke heart to heart with his fellow protestors against law enforcement who are targeting bikers for being bikers on the open road.

Texas Biker Legislative Rally Kicks off in Austin to Lobby Traffic Laws

Bikers rode to Texas Capitol in support of legislation that loosens traffic restrictions for motorcyclists. A House Bill 813 by Representative Sergio would make it legal for bikers to lane split, allowing them to cut through traffic. Currently, California is the only state that allows lane splitting.

State Representative Bill Zedler, who was also part of the motorcycle rally in Austin, brought forward a bill earlier, if passed, that would allow bikers to move through a red light under certain circumstances.

One Large Group Facing Motorcycle Profiling; A Texas Biker Roars in Austin

There were many topics that motorcyclists raised concerns over, but the main purpose of the gathering was to rally against profiling. There are motorcycle traffic checkpoints throughout Texas, despite Texas being one of the 16 states where there is a ban on such checkpoints.

Bikers are also labeled as “criminals” as those stopped at a traffic checkpoint are finding their names posted in the Texas Gang Database. The rally voiced their support for HB 230, which makes it mandatory for law enforcement to notify bikers about landing in the Texas Gang Database and requires states to provide their riders with instructions on how to dispute such designations.

If you think about it, it’s not fair that motorcyclists are receiving harsh treatment for riding motorbikes in Texas. When was the last time a random traffic checkpoint stopped a vehicle and labeled the driver as a nuisance or criminal or associated them with a gang? Why do drivers have more options following a checkpoint stop than bikers in Texas?

The only way to force the government to listen to what people want is to show their resentment towards current laws by peacefully protesting and sending a message to lawmakers. How else are the people going to decide how to run this country?

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