Jay Leno Says He Won’t Stop Riding Motorcycles Despite Shattering Bones in Crash

On January 17, 2023, Jay Leno suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle accident, and a day later, TMZ photographed him buying food from Philly’s Best in Burbank. Let’s explore the details of the two pretty scary accidents he had recently with Ehline Law and our personal injury attorneys.

Jay Leno Suffers Serious Injuries in Recent Motorcycle Accident

According to what Jay Leno told TMZ media following his food purchase in Burbank, crashing a motorcycle at 72 is much better than slipping in a walk-in bathtub. However, the details of the accidents surfaced when Leno gave an interview with Las Vegas Review-Journal.

In the interview, Leno explains how he was riding a 1940 Indian motorcycle and decided to take a turn and cut through a parking lot. However, little did he know somebody tied a wire between two poles that he did not see, clotheslining him off the motorcycle and onto the gravel.

Following the incident, Leno suffered broken bones, a broken collarbone, cracked kneecaps, and two broken ribs. The bike remains at his famous Burbank garage, where he will repair it and restore it to its former glory.

Leno Suffered Severe Burns Prior to Two Fractured Ribs Incident

Prior to this incident, he suffered serious burns in a car fire incident in November 2022 while working on a vintage vehicle with his friend in Jay Leno’s garage. 

Jay Leno’s garage fire incident landed him at the Grossman Burn Center, where he received treatment before returning to the Comedy and Magic Club for a soldout show.

Former TV Show Host Isn’t Letting Broken Bones Stop Him. Do Such Statements Affect Personal Injury Claims?

According to TMZ, Jay Leno says he won’t stop riding motorcycles despite shattering bones in crash. These statements can often put a dent in personal injury claims. The statements and TMZ pictures that show Jay Leno buying food at Burbank are more than enough gunpowder for insurance companies to reduce or deny your claims.

An insurance company will most likely argue that you should be in bed if you’re suffering from a few broken bones. Coming out to a restaurant or a cafe while stating that you won’t stop riding motorcycles despite breaking bones suggests that your injuries aren’t as severe as you’re making them look.

Imagine calling the insurance company to file a claim and telling them you’ve only suffered a “few broken bones.” Although your injuries may be serious, the insurer doesn’t care and will use any ammunition against you.

As personal injury attorneys, we recommend that injured victims stay low and avoid social media posts, as insurance companies can use them against them. Leno stated that he wouldn’t sue the guy who strung up the wire between the two poles as he’s not a guy who files a suit, but the common man who doesn’t have millions in their bank account will have to pursue a lawsuit if they ever find themselves in such a situation. An injured victim must reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney immediately after their accident.

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