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Crocker Motorcycles

Crocker Motorcycles

Al Crocker formed Crocker Motorcycles where during 1932 in Las Angeles commenced initially manufacturing single cylinder speedway bikes, making an estimated  total of  40 to 50 of these.

In 1936 he released his road motorcycle, a V Twin of 61 cub in, which featured Hemi heads putting out some 60 hp.  That was around 20 hp more than his Indian and Harley opposition bikes were doing.
Crocker Motorcycles also produced a 91 cub inch model, the largest V Twin at that time.
Production ceased in 1942 at the start of WWll when Crocker scored a contract supplying parts to Douglas Aircraft, which being much more profitable that building motorcycles signaled the end of Crocker Motorcycles.

There is no doubt these bikes were a beautiful piece of engineering, as you will see in the photos and the videos, and lately have reached high prices at auction.
A 1937 Model sold for $276,500 12 years ago, and a 1941 made $230K 11 years back, wonder what would they fetch today?
It is considered 100 plus V Twin Crocker Motorcycles were built in the 6 years from 1936 to 1942, mostly to order.
He also made a scooter named the Scootabout selling perhaps 50, this being all the info I can find about these.

Sometime after WWll Al Crocker sold his business to Borg Warner when I presume he retired. Al died in 1961.
All has not been lost with Crocker Motorcycles, in 1947 an Elmo Hooper bought the remaining inventory of parts, but the big boost came in 1999 when a new company was formed making replica parts of the Crocker V Twin. This must be a comprehensive list as they package and sell these parts as a kit set , ready for the buyer to assemble his own Crocker motorcycle.
Kiwi Indian has a similar firm doing same with some original Indian models.

Since the early 1900’s there have been many American made – some brilliant – motor cycles that have come and gone and I am gradually adding them to the list in this site.
See the likes of Pope,  Henderson and Militiaire,   plus the in production Boss Hoss who has his own niche market with V8 powered motorbikes.

This video shows Al Crockers engineering expertise.

Thank You EnMi BiBo, and Wikipedia for this info. Photos are video screen shots.

Here is a Small Tank model on video, you will hear it running.

Thank you Harley City.