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2017 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited

2017 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited

If you are a rider of big touring motorcycles this 2017 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited will certainly fit the bill with every equipment base possible.
This has to be the ultimate American built touring motorcycle that can now be compared on close to equal terms with the finest tourers from Japan and Germany in particular.
The 2017 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited is fitted with all the available extras and if this is you then buying the Ultra Limited is a very cost effective way to have all the options.

Harley Davidson have really gone to town on improving this bike in the areas where it needed it,  like modifying heat from the engine so the bike now being much cooler to ride.
Gone is the bulky air cleaner and the clutch cover is much slimmer so the rider no longer has to keep legs spread well apart.
This was never pleasant especially on town or city roads on a hot day.
Included is the option of the partially liquid cooled Milwaukee 8 engine and this positive exhaust port cooling certainly helps in avoiding having roasted legs.
The suspension has been modified and this gives a more comfortable ride, fuel consumption is much more frugal and compares very favourably with its imported competitors,  especially the BMW 6.
The 6 gallon tank will give the bike a safe range of 180 to 200 miles.
There is no doubt the Milwaukee 8 engine is a real honey and on this 2017 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited is virtually vibration free. Nice one.
While its torque to weight is more in favour of both the Honda and BMW,  the Milwaukee 8 develops its maximum torque much lower down in revs than the imports do.
Plus that historical distinctive Harley sound is still there, much more pleasant than the high pitched whine from the other two.  I reckon it would be war if HD were ever to lose their exhaust beat, or be forced to modify it.

The Ultra Limited is a big heavy bike at 398kg but is just as happy idling around town as it is cruising on the highway, you just need to give it a bit of space.
Plus as one tester  commented it doesn’t have the tendency of slight wondering at low speeds like its cousin the Road King.
This bike is well fitted out with heaps of storage although I note HD say the top box is not to store more than 5kg, possibly to avoid upsetting the bikes balance.
If you are able to own a Haley Davidson Ultra Limited one thing you can be sure of is that wherever you go you can be assured of attracting attention,  of the pleasant kind

The nicest fairings I have seen on any bike, and these are quiet too.

Thank you to Matt Laidlaw for this very comprehensive review.
Photos are video screen shots.