A Basic Understanding of the 15 Motorcycle Types

Motorcycles can be incredibly economical, thrilling, and most importantly, an excellent way to go about commute. In this motorcycles 2023 ultimate guide, we will talk about some of the best models available along with their pros and cons.

15 Types of Motorcycles 2023 Ultimate Guide

Mentioned below is a list of fifteen of the best motorcycle types riders can opt for:

  • 3 wheel bike
  • Touring bike
  • Super motto bike
  • Standard bike
  • Sport touring bike
  • Sport bike
  • Scooter
  • Off road bike
  • Moped
  • Hyperbike
  • Electric Bike
  • Dual Sport bike
  • Cruiser
  • Bobber
  • Bagger

The Bagger Bike

The first motorcycle that we will be talking about is the bagger bike. These are touring bikes and are incredibly popular due to their slender and light design. This is especially true when you compare it to traditional touring bikes. More often than not, bagger bikes tend to have a vintage look and come with some luxury features. The higher the price, the more the features and comfort.

One of the most attractive things about this bike is its vintage appearance. Some people prefer the older designs while there are those who prefer the newer ones. The features and colors that most brands implement in their models are quite popular among enthusiasts. If you are planning to buy your first motorcycle and want to make it look unique, it would be best to customize it according to your preferences.

Some of the most popular motorcycle types that come in the bagger variety include the Yamaha Star Eluder, the Indian Challenger, Harley Davidson and a few others. Bagger motorcycles are becoming incredibly popular as time passes. Here are their pros and cons.


  • These bikes are incredibly comfortable for long distance riding
  • They have a decent amount of storage space
  • Bagger bikes offer a unique experience to bike riders


  • This is one of the most expensive bikes in the motorcycle world
  • Off road riders should consider looking for other options
  • Maneuvering and parking this bike can be a massive challenge, especially in tight areas

The Bobber Bike

Whether you have a beginner motorcycle or an advanced one, you may have given thought to customizing it at one point in your life. Well, that is exactly what the bobber bikes are for. These bikes are essentially stripped down bikes with only the items important for riding. The best part about these bikes is that they allow you to add personal features and touches.

You can even come up with something unique that suits your stylistic preferences and body. You may be surprised to learn that many people call refer to the bobber as a naked bike. Those who like tinkering around will especially love this motorcycle type and the plethora of possibilities that it has to offer.

Lighter bikes are known for their mobility and speed and that is precisely what this motorcycle has to offer. As long as you keep this bike’s framework on the simple side and reduce its weight, it will run quite fast. The particular accessories that you add to this motorcycle can also affect its mobility and speed. Therefore, it would be best to keep these things in mind before any kind of experimentation.

There are plenty of things that one needs to consider before purchasing any type of bike. So, no matter which type of bike you choose make sure you keep your considerations and requirements in mind. If you prefer a chopper style, stripped down bike, the bobber bike may be the right option for you.

Now, let us look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of bobber bikes:


  • It has a minimalist and unique look
  • This bikes weight is quite light, mainly because of its small fuel tank
  • This motorcycle type has excellent maneuverability making it one of the best beginner motorcycles out there


  • Parking this bike can be hard because it is quite low to the ground
  • Riding this motorcycle type can be quite dangerous
  • This is a good motorcycle, it is not very comfortable compared to other bike options

Cruiser Motorcycle

The cruiser motorcycle is another excellent motorcycle type and has enough power to run long distances without any issues. Bikes like these are made to make sure that riders are able to handle it with ease along with another rider.

What’s more, the cruiser motorcycle, also known as a chopper, is ideal for most riders who want to commute to day trips or work. This great motorcycle type is quite different from others, mainly because of its low seat and incredibly low handlebars compared to plenty of other bikes.

Cruiser motorcycles or choppers are incredibly popular. A lot of riders prefer them due to their amazing features and handling. What’s more, these bikes cost significantly less compared to most Harley Davidson models. In case you are on a tight budget but want a high quality vehicle, opting for this one would be a good idea. Many riders tend to opt for the Indian scout Rouge sixty because of its excellent forward leaning posture, low weight and fuel efficiency.

Most of the cruiser motorcycles out there are quite large and comfortable, made to ensure that riders feel relaxed. New Models even have more power because of their V twin engines, making them a fantastic option for long distance riding. Turning cruiser bikes is quite easy compared to others because of their wide handlebars.

Some highly popular cruiser bike models include the Ducati Diavel, Yamaha Vmax, BMW R18, and the Honda Shadow Phantom. Here are some pros and cons of cruiser motorcycles.


  • Riding this bike is quite comfortable
  • Turing this bike is quite easy because of its wide handlebar and low seats
  • The bike has a stylish feel and look


  • While this bike is fantastic, it may not be the best for long distance riding
  • Maintaining this bike can be quite expensive
  • The horsepower of this bike is quite less compared to other motorcycle options

Dual Sport Motorcycles

Are you looking for a bike option that you can take almost anywhere you want? If that is the case, opting for a high quality dual motorbike be the best option. One of the best things about this motorcycle is that it gives you the freedom to go on adventures and try a variety of things. This is the right bike option for those who are passionate about going anywhere at a moments notice. Why? because dual sports bikes offer you a great deal of flexibility.

This type of bike is street legal and has comfortable seats and bright lights. They also have a suspension that manufactures especially create for the purposes of off roading. The tires of dual sport bikes tend to be quite knobby and are usually made to assist riders with things like off road traction.

Dual sports motorcycles have minimal storage to offer. However, you can easily make more room by changing things up by purchasing standard equipment along with the right riding accessories. While there are plenty of dual sport motorcycle options out there, the Yamaha TW 100, Suzuki DR Z400S and Kawasaki KLR 650 are among the best options.

A dual sports motorcycle is also called an adventure bike, and rightly so because it is usually legal to ride it on the road.

Now, let us talk about the pros and cons of dual sport bikes:


  • These bikes tend to be quite reliable generally
  • You can ride dual sport bikes on unpaved as well as paved roads
  • If you want to explore new areas or reach remote locations, this bike option is for you


  • They may not be the most comfortable option for shorter trips
  • Dual sport bikes are quite expensive compared to other bike types
  • Finding the right parts for repairs can be a massive challenge

Electric Bikes

Electric motorcycles are especially made for reducing the negative environmental impact and eliminating the need for regular fuel options. These bikes offer an excellent opportunity for those who are interested in saving money and protecting the environment. Currently, the market be a little slim as far as electrical motorcycles are concerned. However, as time passes, there will be a definite increase in this bike option.

This is because of the increased demand for these bikes and the variety of conveniences they offer. If you are looking for this bike type, consider comparing its modern tech, safety features, engine size with other models to determine whether it will be a suitable fit for you. Once the production for these bikes increase, there is a good chance that their prices will go down as well.

Similar to dual sport motorcycles, electric bikes can be quite low maintenance. What’s more, they do not make too much noise, making them and ideal option to prevent noise pollution as well. However, despite all of the conveniences that this bike type offers, there are some things that bike riders may not like. First of all, this is not the most convenient bike in the motorcycle world.

Why? Because you cannot drive it for a long period. Electric bikes require rest at regular intervals, which is why they may not be the bet for sport riding or even for long distance riding. You will need to recharge this bike quite often and take care of its maintenance. Companies manufacture basic models as well as high performance electric bikes. Therefore, you do not have to worry about settling for a motorcycle option that you do not like.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of electric bikes:


  • These bikes do not have pollution emissions
  • Electric bikes tend to be quite silent in comparison to bikes with gas powered engines
  • Maintaining them is not too expensive, especially compared to a gas motorcycle


  • The travel range of electric bikes is quite limited
  • Charging these bikes requires plenty of electricity
  • Replacing your battery can be quite expensive

What Other Bike Options are Out there

The Hyperbike

This motorcycle allows riders to go as fast as two hundred miles per hour. If you have a great deal of riding experience in city streets and other areas, this bike would be the best fir for you. That said, this bike is ideal for short rides and is not the most comfortable, especially when you compare it to a regular sports bike or other options.

The Moped

While many motorcycle lovers will not even count this retro cool bike as a motorcycle, it technically is. Mopeds offer people the best of both worlds as they are a combination of a scooter and regular bike. This motorcycle offers a decent riding experience and is quite light because of its aluminum frame.

Off Road Bike

If you are a fan of off road motorcycles, this off road riding bike is for you. If you are someone who prefer a little bit of adventure and prefer off road riding, this motorcycle option would offer you an excellent riding experience.


Scooters are quite similar to mopeds in the sense that they are not too fast and their frame is quite light. New riders often prefer this option because it is ideal for shorter commutes.

3 Wheel Motorcycle

As the name suggests, three wheel motorcycles have a total of three wheels, two of which are on the back and one is on the front. The front wheel offers excellent balance and is perfect for new riders.

Sport Bikes

A sport bike is especially made to offer riders agility and speed, something that you may not find in other bikes. Harley Davidson has the best sports bikes out there because of their twin shocls, passenger, seet, easy ergonomics and a variety of other features.

Sport Bike (Touring)

Sport touring bikes tend to be quite flexible and you can use them for traveling hshort distances. However, tehy are just as good for highway speeds and long distance riding.

Supermoto Bike

If you prefer driving a sport motorcycle, the supermoto bike would be a great option for you. These bikes are ideal for dirt and paved roads and can also be used as off road bikes. The supermoto bike is among a few motorcycles that can offer you cruise control.

Standard Motorcycle

A regular motorcycle is vastly different to sport motorcycles. Instead, it is a regular vehicle which many riders turn into a custom bike. Beginner riders often prefer standard motorcycle options because of how easy it is to ride them.

Harley Davidson Bikes

Let’s call it a bonus category. Harley Davidson is a brand so you can’t really say that they a particular bike type, but the brand is so popular that you could recognize their bikes as a “different breed of motorcycles”.

Harley Davidson is an American brand known for its fancy-looking, large-sized, and colorful bikes. Harley Davidson makes many types of bikes. A few motorcycles it makes include but not limited to Sportster, LiveWire, Softail, and sport touring motorcycles.