A Guide to Motorcycle Helmets and Their Types

Different Motorcycle Helmet Options that People Can Choose from

With so many options available these days, choosing the right motorcycle helmet can be quite challenging. This is particularly true for beginners as they often get overwhelmed by the wide range of options to choose from. If you are looking for one, you may be wondering which option would be the best for you. Well, there area few excellent options you can opt for.

In this piece, we will talk about some of the best motorcycle helmet options available and what makes them different from each other.

6 Types of Motorcycle Helmets 2023 Complete Guide

While there are several types of motorcycle helmets out there, some of the best ones that riders should consider choosing are as follows:

  • Half helmets
  • Full face helmets
  • Open face helmets
  • Modular Helmets
  • Off Road Helmets
  • Dual Sport Helmets

Each helmet type offers a different level of protection, features and style. They must fit your hit securely and snugly to ensure they are comfortable and do not cause you trouble while you are riding. Your riding activities and the type of bike you drive should also be massive considerations when choosing a helmet.

Dual Sport Helmet

Most riders engage in multiple types of bike riding styles. Does this mean that they should invest in multiple helmets? Of course not. Instead, they can opt for a dual sport helmet for motorcycles.

Dual sport helmets can be used as full face helmets as well off road helmets. The biggest difference between this helmet type and others is its visor, which is bigger than what you would get with a regular helmet.

They are among the commonly used types of motorcycle helmets by those who like to ride off-road and on the road. If you are one of those types of people, you wouldn’t want to buy a separate off road helmet and an on road helmet because that’s costly.

What’s more, most of the helmet models come with a snap to position design, offering riders maximum convenience. If you prefer wearing goggles, this type of motorcycle helmet can be a suitable option for you. The visor’s aerodynamic design helps it stay in place. Additionally, the chin bar is slightly different compared to off road helmet options.

As far as the inner parts of these helmets are concerned, they are significantly more comfortable compared to traditional full face helmets. This is because of the extra layers of padding inside them. Some popular dual sport helmet models include the Fly Racing Rockstar Helmet, MMG Dual Sport Off Riding Helmet, and the TCMT Motocross Street Helmet.

Quite interestingly, these types of motorcycle helmets are lighter than full face helmets despite having the entire inner shell padded. You have to know that an off road helmet isn’t the bet investment when you ride off-road only occasionally.

The Half Helmet

Half helmets rose to prominence because of the hit TV show Sons of Anarchy. While half helmets are quite basic, they look fantastic and they are significantly lighter compared to a full face helmet.

This helmet option only supports the top and back part of the head. These helmets are ideal for those who want to feel the air around them and stay cool during their rides. People in warm locations like California, Texas and Florida often wear these helmets to remain cool, especially during the unforgivably hot summers.

While half helmets are usually preferred by long distance riders, they are equally helpful for those who ride short distances. Despite its incredible demand, the half helmet does not offer as much protection as the full face helmet. It is also worth keeping in mind that not every half motorcycle helmet is DOT approved. In case there is a DOT requirement in your state, make sure you check for it when buying a half helmet.

Many motorcycle helmet reviews suggest that the half helmet is quite basic and doesn’t cost too much. Additionally, it also does not come with a visor, which is why it would be best to get something to protect your eyes. The last thing anybody wants is debris inside their eyes when they are riding. Getting goggles or protective glasses can help you prevent such issues.

Half helmets do not come with Bluetooth options as they do not have enough space to incorporate such features. Additionally, even if there was some room, the helmets lack of wind resistance would only end up damaging it.

Full Face Helmet

You can kind of tell from the name that these motorcycle helmets can provide you with the bet protection because they are for the full face. A full face helmet is heavier compared to a half face helmet, but typically equal in weight to or a little less heavier than modular motorcycle helmets.

It is important to mention here that some people can confuse a module helmet with a full face helmet. However, the chin guard on a module counterpart can be detached. On the other hand, you can’t remove the chin protection from a full face helmet.

In other words, with a full face helmet, you have proper protection on the front and back of your head at all times.

The shell of the full face helmet is lined with styrene and you might also see some variations in how the chin protection is designed on a full face helmet depending on the brand you choose.

If you like to ride fast or live in a city where driving is considered risky, you should go for a full face helmet. It is considered among the safest types of motorcycle helmets, as least more than a half helmet.

They can seem a bit cumbersome to those who ride frequently within the same day as they have to take off and put on their full face motorcycle helmet over and over. However, this lack of convenience shouldn’t be bothering to anyone since a full face motorcycle helmet offers more security than any other type of helmet out there.

If you feel suffocated in your full face helmet, you do have the option to lift up your drop down sun visor. Only the visor goes up since the chin of the helmet is a fixed part of the shell.

Modular Motorcycle Helmet

A modular motorcycle helmet is quite similar to a full face helmet in the sense that you can flip up its visor and chin bar quickly and bring them back down easily. You can even do this while your helmet is on.

Most people advise to keep the glasses or visor of your modular helmet down when riding to protect your face and eyes from dust, debris and other elements. If you put the visor of your modular helmet up, you will be putting yourself in great danger and this could potentially result in an accident.

Most of the modular helmet options available these days have a few features built in them. Some of those features include the dual visor, which allows riders to choose an option based on darkness or sunlight when riding. The ability to change your visor within seconds is something that very few motorcycle helmets offer. Riders do not have to worry about taking their helmet off as its design offers them maximum convenience when riding.

If you are looking for modular helmets, consider choosing an option that has an anti-fog design. Doing so will make sure you can ride safely in any type of condition. While modular helmets have a lot to offer, they have a few cons worth keeping in mind.

First off, these motorcycle helmets are significantly heavier compared to a full face helmet. This is due to the extra materials required to create the modular helmets hinge design. A modular helmet is usually picked for its convenience, whereas a full face motorcycle helmet is picked for its safety.

This design offers users a great deal of convenience but it also minimizes overall safety. That being said, these types of motorcycle helmets are still safe than half helmets and are a worthy option.

Riders must understand that these modular helmets trade protection for convenience, making accidents all the more dangerous. If you love riding for thrills or participating in adventure sports, opting for this motorcycle helmet would be a good idea.

Off Road Motorcycle Helmet

Off road helmets are made to provide protection and support while on challenging terrains like dirt roads. Your riding style may be causing your head to move in a jerky motion, which can be quite dangerous. Wearing an off road motorcycle helmet in such situations can complement your riding style, making sure you are safe. As long as you choose a motorcycle helmet that suits your head shape, this option would be ideal to ensure you remain safe on the road.

The large visor of this motorcycle helmet option makes it one of the best options out there. Chin bars in these motorcycle helmets are quite different as well. All of this is intentional, in order to offer riders maximum airflow.

One of the biggest reasons why off road motorcycle helmets are considered the best motorcycle helmets out there is because of the incredible level of protection they offer.

Surprisingly, however, these motorcycle helmets are quite light in weight, making them especially ideal for long distance riding. Despite the excellent protection and convenience that these motorcycle helmets have to offer, they still have a few things that some riders may not like. First off, they lack luxurious features like bluetooth and other connectivity options.

However, they more than make up for these things by offering a great degree of protection that you may not find in most motorcycle helmet options out there. The amount of protection, look and weight off off road helmets mostly depend on the materials they are made out of.

It would be best to take your time and compare different products in order to identify the ideal choice for your riding preferences.

Motorcycle helmets made out of fiberglass or carbon fiber may be your best choice. This is mainly because these motorcycle helmets offer a great deal of support to your neck and head, something that you will come to appreciate as soon as you start high speed riding, especially off roads.

Riders often wear body armor and neck braces to protect their entire body during their off road riding trips. These things can change your motorcycle helmets fit. It would be best to buy protective gear for your body and neck first. Once you try it and determine if it is the right option, you can go ahead and get gear for other parts of the body.

Doing so will make sure that your motorcycle helmet is not too tight or overly lose when you wear accessories to protect yourself. In most cases, motorcycle helmets can neither be returned nor exchanged,

In most cases, riders need goggles that can stay in place, especially if they choose a motorcycle helmet that does not come with a visor. Once you start looking for this motorcycle helmets designs, you will notice several differences. First off, their shoes can vary significantly and affect how well they would fit you.

Therefore, it would be best to choose a helmet first and the goggles after. It is also worth keeping in mind that there is nothing wrong with mixing and matching different motorcycle helmet brands. However, people usually get the ideal fit when they choose products that have the same manufacturer.

Open Face Helmets

Open face helmets share some similarities with half helmets. However, they offer extra protection compared to other motorcycle helmet options. If you like to enjoy the wind while you are riding, but are also worried about safety, this motorcycle helmet option would be ideal for you.

Most full face helmets and open face helmets come with a visor to protect the riders face in case they find themselves in an accident because of sands, debris, tiny stones etc. Whenever you wear this motorcycle helmet, make sure to protect your eyes using goggles, only if your model does not come with a visor.

Open face helmets provide excellent protection to the sides, back and top part of the head. Since the motorcycle helmets front part is open, your chin or jaw will not have sufficient protection.

Because of the insufficient protection, it would be best to travel at low speeds in order to steer clear from facing a gruesome injury. For example, people riding mopeds or scooters usually have sufficient protection if they wear open face motorcycle helmets.

Any rider who plans to take their motorcycle on a long trip or wants to operate at high speeds, this motorcycle helmet could leave their face susceptible to dangerous injuries in case an accident happens.

Many riders say that wearing full faced helmets makes them feel as if they are closed in, which is why they opt for this motorcycle helmet option regardless of its lower protection. These motorcycle helmets are ideal for those who want to enjoy the wind and are willing to accept the risks that open face helmets bring.

It is true that some people just feel suffocated in a full face helmet so they want to go for something like an open face helmet. If you ride a cruiser bike, you might want to go for an open face helmet.

Also, an open face helmet is suited to those living in hot and humid conditions.

Final Thoughts

According to research, wearing a motorcycle helmet while riding a bike can significantly increase your chances of surviving if you crash into a vehicle or any other thing. Unfortunately, there re plenty of incidents where accidents result in horrible injuries or even fatalities. Sure, a high quality motorcycle helmet may require you to splash the cash, but it will most definitely be a worthwhile investment and possibly save your life.

As mentioned initially, your riding style can help you determine which type of motorcycle helmet you should choose. Some people prefer a half helmet, others can benefit from a full face helmets, and there are also those who may opt for dual sports helmets.

When choosing a motorcycle helmet, make sure you take enough time to determine whether it is made out of durable materials. As time passes by, the quality of motorcycle helmets continue to improve. Most companies manufacture their safety gear following motorcycle helmet safety standards to ensure riders remain safe after motorcycle accidents.

If you have been using a helmet for a long time, make sure that it is strong enough to protect you on the road. If it has taken too much damage, consider getting a new type of motorcycle helmet to instead of buying a used one. It is also vital to make sure you choose the correct motorcycle helmet size whether you are buying full face motorcycle helmets or dirt bike helmets.

Whether you just go for short trips or go for lengthy rides, a high quality, safe motorcycle helmet is a vital investment to protect you at all times.