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A beginner’s guide to using a motorcycle jack

Even if you’re very careful with your motorcycle or your bike has very durable construction, chances are that it can run into trouble.

But if you’re like most motorcycle enthusiasts and know your way around a motorcycle ATV, then you don’t have to go to a mechanic to help with your specific issue.

Instead, you can look at it yourself. And all you need to get a better look at your bike are motorcycle jack stands. These jacks are essential to lift your bike to your desired height and work on it.

So to help you make a more informed decision, here is everything that you need to know about motorcycle jacks and how to use them.

What are motorcycle jacks and how can you use them

a motorcycle jack is a unique lifting device that can slowly raise a bike off the ground. Even if you have a heavy bike, this motorcycle lift can easily pick it up to a comfortable height.

You can even choose the right height for you depending on where you’re sitting or what you’re trying to access. These also work especially well for bikes that are due for long repairs, such as a problem with the engine.

Comparing it to a regular jack

When compared to a regular jack, motorcycle jacks have a much longer arm on the base.

You need to put this arm underneath the bike’s center, which will give you access to parts of the bike like the tires or the engine.

Considering the weight of these tires, the extra length of the arm makes it a great buy.

Improved lifting range

Another great thing about a motorcycle jack is the overall height that it can lift. People working on their own bikes will especially appreciate how high it can easily lift.

Most motorcycles, regardless of the brand, are built with a motorcycle jack in mind, which makes lifting much easier.

How does it work

A motorcycle jack will always come with a handle on its side or on the back, which you will need to pull to lift the surface.

Some can even be hydraulic, which makes the lifting action even smoother. And when it is lifted, people don’t have to worry about the motorcycle losing its balance getting any type of serious damage.

Motorcycles that are heavier might be a little harder to pull up, but you can find one that easily lift the bike without needing any extra equipment.

When you should be using a motorcycle jack

There are a handful of situations where you can use a motorcycle jack for your bike.

You want better stability

You might be checking something in your bike and don’t want it to move around as much you would want to, you can use a motorcycle jack.

Not only can it hold the bike at a better viewing angle, but it can also keep it steady to make sure you don’t mess up in some way.

When you have a flat tire

One of the most common reasons why people will want to use a jack is because it can help them change a flat tire.

While changing a flat on a smaller bike doesn’t usually need a jack, changing one on a much bigger motorcycle will definitely require one.

Choosing different jacks for dirt bikes and other bikes

Motorcycle jacks can come in a wide range of brands with different models, and varying levels of quality. More importantly, it can varying levels of weight capacity to carry certain bikes, and portability, which can make storing them a little difficult.

Therefore, depending on the type of motorcycle you have, you want to get a lift jack that is equipped to handle the weight of your bike.

For example, dirt bike will often require a much lighter jack that can easily carry your bike and hold it for extended periods.

On the other hand, if you have a heavier bike, then you want a motorcycle jack that can offer the right lifting range. A motorcycle lift for these heavier bikes will usually also have better hydraulics to easily lift the bike.

How you can use a bike jack safely

Now that you have your bike jack, you might think that using it is as simple as just putting it underneath your bike and using the crank.

You need to be very careful when you are using you a motorcycle jack, since there are many chances that things could go wrong.

First fully extend the jack

The first step that you need to take when you finally get your jack is to full extend it and then bring it back its original height. You want to check if there are any hiccups or janky movements that could possibly make your bike tip over or fall.

Slowly raise the jack underneath the bike

The next step is to crank the jack underneath the bike slowly, until it reaches the optimal height you want. If you want to change the tires on your bike, then you don’t have to lift it very high.

However, if you want to reach the bike’s center, then you need to extend the bike a little higher, so you can get a better view.

Bring in the jack stands

Once you find the right height for your bike, the next step is to get the jack stands and place them under your bike for added stability.

The added stability can be especially good if you’re doing delicate work on your motorcycle and don’t want it to slip or wiggle too much.

Take away the jack stands and reverse the process

Finally, when you’re done using your jack, you can now work on getting the jack out from under your motorcycle.

First take out the jack stands that you put there for added support. Next, you want to slowly lower the jack itself using the crank.

Just bring the crank all the way to the ground and put it away until you need it again.

And that is it. Using a jack can be that simple, but you have to be very careful when working with a jack.

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