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What to wear when riding your motorcycle in wet weather

Most people prefer riding their bikes during dry weather conditions, since it can be easier to control a bike and better maneuver around obstacles.

However, when it comes to riding during a wet weather conditions, riders have to be especially careful. Not only should they pay more attention to how they are riding in the rain, but they should also be more careful of what they wear when riding.

The last thing that you want is to reach your destination soaking wet, which is why you should invest in appropriate rain gear when heading out.

If you don’t know what a rain suit is, here is a quick guide that goes over everything that you need to know about motorcycle rain gear.

What is a rain suit?

A rain suit is any type of clothing that riders can wear when heading out in the rain to keep themselves dry.

Not only do these items help you stay dry in a rainy weather, but it can also help you keep a good grip on the handles of your bike. And of course, a good helmet visor can help you see better when riding in the rain.

What can you find in a rain suit?

Some of these items can include a lightweight motorcycle rain jacket, waterproof motorcycle boots, and waterproof gloves.

All the items mentioned above are a complete set of rain riding gear that can make it much easier to travel in wet weather conditions.

So instead you avoid riding in the rain invest in motorcycle rain jackets, since they make for proper riding gear.

Wet riding motorcycle rain pants and gear

Motorcycle riding can become very difficult during a stormy weather, especially if you don’t have the waterproof gear to help wave off the wet riding conditions.

With your motorcycle in the rain, you have to consider if the motorcycle pants and motorcycle gloves that you are wearing can really help you stay alert when riding on a wet road.

Preferably, you will want a lightweight rain jacket and waterproof motorcycle luggage, paired with a half helmet with an anti fog visor to keep your vision clear as you ride down the road.

This gear can especially help with rain during a cold weather. The rain suit can provide ample protection from both the rain and from the cold weather.

How to choose the best rain gear for your next motorcycle ride

When driving in a wet weather, you don’t just have to worry about slippery surfaces and manhole covers. You need to be prepared in the event that it rains and you don’t get soaked.

Unfortunately, your regular motorcycle jacket along with your other motorcycle gear can only provide so much protection against the elements.

Regular riding gloves can struggle to offer you the grip you need to ride on wet roads in a persistent storm.

Therefore, riding safely means that you need to be getting the right motorcycle riding gear, including motorcycle helmets. So here is how you can choose the best rain covers for your bike.

Find something light and breathable

The first most important thing that you need to consider before you get your the proper gear, especially when consider rain jackets, is to get something that is breathable but also waterproof.

Denim vs leather

Denim and leather can be good options, since they can also protect you from the cold weather. Leather jackets are especially good at keeping you warm.

However, leather jackets are more likely to wrinkle with time, which can make them lose their appeal.

Make sure your rain gear is sized corectly

Another important thing that you need to consider before you buy the appropriate rain suit is its size.

You want to make sure that your motorcycle rain pants and rain jacket don’t flap around in the wind while you’re riding.

Along with being very annoying, it can also be harder to ride your bike if the weather gets windy.

Follow the painted lines

If you do have riding gear for the inclement weather, but it isn’t sized correctly, you should just try to follow the painted lines when city riding to ride safely.

Get brighter colors for your motorcycle rain gear

The most important thing that you should look for in you riding gear is that it is visible in low light conditions.

You want to make sure that you either have reflective stripes on your jacket and pants, or are wearing brighter colors.

Brighter colors vs reflective stripes

The principle behind both of these types of jackets is that they are more visible in low light conditions.

However, in most cases, reflective stripes can often be a better choice, since people can even have an easier time seeing them in foggy weather.

Tips to ride your bike safely in rainy weather

Riding in the rain can be very dangerous, especially if you are not careful. Along with having the right gear, you should also take a good look at you bike before heading out.

Checking the brakes

One of the first things that you have to do before you head out is check your brakes.

Not only should you check on the brake material, but you should also take a look at the brake fluid, since you might have to brake suddenly when riding your bike. You should especially keep an eye out for your rear brake.

Check the oil or brake fluid

Along with checking your brake fluid, you should also replace your motorcycle oil regularly to avoid any serious problems when riding in the rain.

Get the right motorcycle rain helmet

You will preferably want a helmet that you can easily move raindrops away from the visor, which allows you to see more clearly when you’re out riding. These helmets can even make riding in a storm much more manageable.

Try to avoid traffic

Another important thing that you should remember when trying riding in the rain is to avoid riding in traffic while it is raining. If your bike breaks down, you might get stuck in a jam.