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The purpose of motorcycle fairing and how to buy the right one

Motorcycle fairings are more and more popular with motorcycle clubs like the Leathernecks LMCI. Handlebar fairings have the appearance of a dolphin’s snout. If you’re new to riding motorcycles, you might have heard a friend recommend that you get motorcycle fairings, or at least a handlebar fairing. Because the are also aerodynamic, they reduce drag and associated fuel consumption.

Fairings are small pieces of plastic, or in some cases fiberglass, that can help reduce wind resistance on your bike, typically installed above your front wheel, offering angular protection. Sometimes they are combined with belly pans extended out to the front cylinder.

Half Windscreens (or a quarter fairing) along with other aerodynamic features are incorporated in half fairings. When Comparing full fairings, they cover just the front part of the motorcycle, leaving the bottom part exposed. But they provide superb protection from debris and wind without uglying the look of full fairings.

However, for the most part, they also add to the general aesthetic of most bikes, but can also cause a slight shift with the weight and drag weight while turning and maneuvering. This precisely why you want to choose the right motorcycle fairing for your bike.

You can request specific feature from the manufacturer to deal with higher speeds (racing motorcycles, etc.), weather conditions, or windy conditions, etc. But given that you are still fairly new to the riding motorcycles, you probably don’t know the difference between full and half fairings.

So here is a guide on everything that a rider needs to know about full fairings and other types of fairings, and what you should consider their specific features for helping with long trips and problems with lane-splitting, upsides and drawbacks before a rider decides to get a motorcycle fairing.

What are motorcycle fairings?

Motorcycle fairings, which can come a full fairing or even a quarter fairing, is usually a piece of plastic or fiberglass that you will put on your bike to improve aerodynamics of your bike. It reduces air drag and generally makes your bike much smoother to ride.

Protection from the wind blast and elements

Of course, other than improving the performance on your bike, they also have a very real purpose of protecting a rider from all sorts of debris. If you happen to be a rider riding bikes in the snow or in the rain, a motorbike fairing will very easily deflect to keep those elements out of the rider’s eyes.

They are very fashionable

It also helps that fairings make for a very fashionable addition to your bike, since it makes it look a lot more similar to racing motorcycles. These windshield type fairings are especially common on sport touring motorcycles resting upon the handlebars above the headlight. They are also used in non racing bikes since people are usually travelling through different types of terrain and seasons.

The best thing about these different fairings is that the sheer variety available, since you can choose one that looks the best or is the most functional. You can choose from a rear fairing, bikini fairing, headlight fairing, and even a headlamp fairing. there is no such thing as the best motorcycle fairings, since they always come down to the personal preference of the individual.

How to choose the right handlebar fairing for you

One of the best things about getting fairings is that there is an abundance of choices in different types of fairings that you can get. While they can easily cater to the entire motorcycle, most sports bikes will have one that is very sleek and can provide excellent protection from the wind and the elements and yes, for racing stability.

The best way to think about the fairing that you choose for you bike is first considering if you will actually be riding your bike as often to benefit from a fairing on your frame.

Do you often drive in the snow or in the rain that you need a full fairing or dustbin fairings to offer more stability and safety from the elements? If the answer is no, then you want to make sure that the fairings you’re getting will look stylish wow factor look on your bike, especially with racing wheels.

The ultimate bike will often have a front fairing the and a race tail unit that many riders prefer because these front fairings look very good. It also helps that they offer improved aerodynamics and improved performance.

You can also get around to customizing your full fairing as you see fit, since it doesn’t just provide protection. you can customize the tint or your can add your personal flair to it that will match the main chassis.

You can also customize one with custom graphics depending on your riding style, you can get one that perfectly suits you.

What are the benefits of a half fairing?

A half fairing is a very common type of fairing that people get, which is a little smaller than a full fairing, but it does not compromise on any of its functionality.

Despite their smaller size, they can still easily block most types of debris and elemental factors. One of the main reasons why people get these types of fairings is that they can go well with a sports bike. Since the rider will be hunched over, they will get the most out of these fairings.

Fairings have also become increasingly popular because of the aerodynamics that they offer the bike. While you might not be able to feel it as much, your ride can stabilize a lot better, and it can offer a much smoother ride. With improved aerodynamics, it can also keep the bike moving in a straight line, ensuring that the risk of tilting over to one side is reduced significantly.

Finally, possibly the most important reason why people get a fairing: they look good. Most people like the way their bike looks when they put on a fairing, and it is also why they have managed to remain so popular for so long.

Helping with windburn

Possibly one of the biggest benefits that comes with fairings is that they can protect their riders from insect collisions and windburn.

While plenty of riders can enjoy the feeling of the wind in their hair, they likely only want so much.

Protecting against all sorts of debris

When riding on a faster road, it is very likely that other vehicles around you will start kicking up debris that could possibly hurt you of your bike.

Therefore, you want to protect yourself and your sweet ride from the debris, you will need a fairing that is providing protection. It is strong enough to easily deflect these small debris pieces and keep you safe.

Slightly more storage space

Another great thing that comes with these fairings is that they offer a little more storage for things like a map or sunglasses.

This is especially true for tourers that will often have much larger fairings where you can especially keep your map while you’re riding.


All in all, motorcycle fairings are a great investment, as their pros will often outweigh their cons. So if you have a tough time trying to get around, then you can especially benefit from motorcycle fairings, since they can offer you a physical shield while riding in a different terrain. You can request specific features that can extend to the lower-half of your bike, which can be handy at high speeds when deflecting road debris, on or off road.