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Indian Chieftain Dark Horse

This first video of the 2017 Indian Chieftain Dark Horse is a promo one showing off the bike, and I must admit it is certainly a nice looking cruiser to show off. Big question though is how does it perform out on the road, and how comfortable is it on long trips. The second video answers this very much in favour of the Indian having a good level of comfort with other reports saying spending 10 or 12 hours in the saddle isn’t a problem, helped by this bikes suspension not only soaking up the rough no problem but giving the bike good manners as well. There is a hint of years gone by in this bikes styling Thanks to Auto Video for this video. Specifications for the Indian Chieftain Dark Horse are: Thunder Stroke  111 cu in engine with a Bore and Stroke of 3.976 in x 4.449 in Compression Ratio is 9.5:1 with peak torque of 119.2 ft-lbs at 3000 rpm. Electronic Fuel Injection with a 5.5 gallon capacity tank. Brakes are usual twin disc 4 piston caliper on the front, and single disc 2 piston calliper at the rear wheel. Suspension travel is 4.7 inch front, and 3.7 inch rear. Weight with full tank of gas is 783 lbs. The Indian Chieftain Dark Horse is a solo rider no pillion cruiser style motorcycle with a stylish full fairing and hard saddle bags as standard equipment. An earlier gripe especially tall riders have made in the past concerns the seat being too far forward for comfort, I understand this has now been remedied and also a GPS has now been fitted. It is good that it seems Polaris are listening to customer feedback and taking action when it is needed and practical to do so. Polaris are doing the hard graft in getting the Indian name back up there as a great American motorcycle like it was prior to WW2. Not an easy task but in the short time Polaris have owned the Indian name they are succeeding in restoring faith in the breed. Now lets go for a ride and see what the rider thinks of this bike.