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How to remove handle grips from a motorcycle – the ultimate guide

Motorcycle Hand GripsIf you’re wondering how to remove handlebar grips from your motorcycle, there’s more than one way to do it. In this guide, I’ll talk about removing the old grips with a heat gun. I’ll also give you some tips to make grip removal easier.

Removing Old Motorcycle grips

As you ride your motorcycle, the rubber grips on the handlebars take up a lot of damage. This not only affects comfort, but also makes your bike unsafe to ride. Luckily, you can get rid of old grips and install new grips with ease.

Start by taking a utility knife and cutting the seal on the edges of the hand grips. After this, take a small screwdriver and insert it under the edge to pry it open. Once you’ve lifted a corner, move the screwdriver along the edges till you’ve completely removed the bike handlebar grips. Installing new grips requires the same procedure, just backwards.

First, peel off the adhesive liner on one end of your new motorcycle grips, make sure it lines up with the handlebar, and press it in place. Then, work around the rubber grip until it’s set. Do this for the left grip, then the right one. Once you apply your new grips, you can get back on the road.

There are many ways you can remove the old grips of your motorcycle, including the heat gun and compressed air method.

Using a Heat Gun to Remove Rubber Grips

One of the best ways to get a better grip on your handlebars is to remove the rubber grips. Another way to do this is using a heat gun.

When you start, ensure that it’s at a low temperature. You don’t want to end up heating the grips to the extent that you damaging them. Hold the gun near the grip end that’s closest to the handlebar, and you’ll see that the grip becomes softer. After it softens up, use your other hand to remove the grip from the handlebar. If it’s difficult, use a screwdriver to loosen the grip. Repeat this for the other grip, and you’re ready to install some new ones.

Tips for Removing the Old Grips

There are several methods to remove old grips, so it all comes down to the type of handlebar grips and the materials it’s made of. Let’s say you’re dealing with rubber grips. You can use something sharp to remove them. If they’re fixed using grip glue or adhesive, you’ll need a solvent or adhesive remover.

But sometimes, you may have to cut the grips using a razor blade or utility knife. Regardless of the method, take care not to scratch the surface underneath. These tips work for most motorcycle grips.

If you’re removing rubber grips from a wooden surface, it’s all the more reason to be careful. Use a blunt tool to slowly pry the edges of the grips. If it doesn’t help, use a heat gun or hairdryer. This causes the rubber to expand, and it comes off easily. However, remember not to overheat the wood.

You can also use compressed air to remove the old grips if the sticky rubber is making it hard to remove them. Using a nozzle and a blowing compressed air on the outer ridge of the grip will allow you to easily remove the grips.

Reinstalling New Grips on the Handlebars

It’s no secret that good handlebar grips are important for a comfortable riding experience. But as grips become worn out, they affect your ability to control the motorcycle. You can avoid this by replacing the the grips.

Removing with Razor Blade

To start off, remove the old motorcycle grips. If they have end caps to keep them on, unscrew them before pulling the grips off. But if they’re glued onto the handlebars, use a knife or razor blade to cut the grips away from the handlebars. After removing them, use rubbing alcohol to clean up the handlebars and remove any leftover adhesive or sticky residue. This helps with installing the new grips properly.

Applying Grip Glue

Apply some grip glue inside the new grips, but make sure it’s evenly distributed to prevent uneven spots. Then, slide them onto the handlebars and twist them so they stick in place. If you’ll use end caps, carefully screw them on. Now before you try riding your motorcycle, give the adhesive some time to dry up.

FAQs on Removing Motorcycle Grips

Sure, removing grips from motorcycle handlebars seems somewhat difficult, but it’s not impossible. Here are some of the most common questions riders ask.

How do I remove handlebar grips?

There are a couple of ways to remove handle grips from a motorcycle’s handle. The most common way to do this is by cutting through the grip tape using a sharp razor blade.

What do I need to remove handlebar grips?

You should have a razor blade and sharp knife on hand, along with a hair dryer or heat gun. To keep your hands safe, wear gloves as well.

How do I keep the grips from coming off?

To keep the handlegrips from coming off, ensure you’ve installed them properly and screwed the caps tightly. The other tip is to avoid riding in harsh weather. So if it’s too hot or too cold, it’s best to keep the motorcycle inside. Lastly, try keeping your hands dry and clean to keep the grips from slipping.

Can I reuse old grips after removing them?

Usually, you can reuse grips as long as they haven’t taken up too much damage. But if they look damaged and grip tape is peeling, you’ll have to buy new ones.

What to do if a handle grip comes off?

In case your motorcycle grips come off, there’s no need to panic. Stop riding and check the grips. If they seem loose, try reapplying some grip tape or tightening the end caps. But if they look damaged and you can’t fix them, you’ll have to replace them with new motorcycle grips.


I’ve covered the grip removal process and how you can replace them, so you can refer to this guide whenever you need to remove old grips and install new grips. It’s great to have a couple of tools with you before trying to attempt a DIY project on your bike. Also, if you have any questions or run into problems while replacing grips, you can always ask for help. I hope this guide helped you learn the basics of grip removal and installing a new set of grips.