What is the Best Harley for Short Riders?

What Harley Should I Buy If I’m Short?

Motorcycle riding. What is the Best Harley for Short Riders?

Many men that ride bikes do so for a variety of reasons. Some just like the wind in their hair (under the helmet, of course.) Others love the Biker culture. Some do it for attention. Others do it as a hobby. No matter what the reason, safety is a top concern.

And rider safety is why the type of Harley you ride is so key. Furthermore, this is especially important, depending on the height of the rider.

Some bikers don’t want to admit they’re short. It’s understandable. However, certain bikes are better for certain body types.

Most of all, avoiding a motorcycle accident should always be at the top of your checklist. And being able to straddle a bike and touch both boots to the ground without having to lean the bike is super essential in avoiding injuries.

Motorcycle.com is very clear on the subject. There are plenty of options for shorter riders. Some are Harleys, and others are just as good.

Some of the other brands that make sense include the Honda CTX700, which offers excellent handling for shorter riders. Others include the Kawasaki Ninja 300.

Finding The Best Motorcycle for Your Money — And Your Height

I get it. If Japanese bikes are not your thing, there are plenty of other options out there for you. American choppers, such as the Harley Davidson, are available. Even the Harley forums bring up the subject and opportunities for more vertically challenged adults.

A Harley Nightrod offers one option, depending on the arm and leg length of the rider. Furthermore, both Dynas and Softails provide options for shorter riders. Low riders, in general, allow some more flexibility for such a small rider.

Each one of these choices offers advantages and drawbacks for the rider. So they don’t allow you the ability to choose between the best of both worlds. More experienced riders can use these suggestions in choices for their next purchase.

But for those less experienced bikers, following these tips means you are less likely to get into accidents or face issues through ignorance.

But do your own research. The road is a dangerous enough place for motorcycles. So make sure that you have the right rig to ensure the safety of yourself and your family. It’s just common sense.

There is something great about riding a motorcycle. It is the great equalizer. It doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old. Or a man or a woman. Strong or weak. As long as you know how to ride, it is a liberating experience. It’s also a great equalizer, no matter how tall you are. We live in a judgmental society.

Even when we don’t realize it or mean to be, height is often something we notice. It’s no fault of the person how tall or short they are.

This is very much the case when you’re riding a motorcycle. Below we look into some of the best bikes for shorter riders. The open road is free for you, whether you’re 5 foot zero or seven feet tall.

And there are rides that are better for your frame if you are either one. Take it from me. I’m a biker myself, learning more and more about motorcycles as my years go on. Maybe it has to do with the freedom of the open road.

Or my time in the United States Marine Corps. Or a chance to spend time with my buddies and family. I can’t quite put my finger on it. However, I do know the feeling it gives you. And the sense of purpose often related to a riding.

That’s why I looked into several different rides to provide you with some safe and not-too-expensive options for the next time you go behind the handlebars.

Looking Out For Harley-Specific Bikes?

  • Several Options For Your Rides?

You have several options ahead of you if you want a safe but affordable ride if you are not on the tall side. Of course, this is just general advice, but I’ve done quite a bit of research myself.

That’s why I looked up more from a local dealer and came up with a few options for you. I find that several bikes have low wheelbases. This is much better and safer for shorter riders. It makes the bike easier to control and get on and off.

As you can tell, the lower base makes these bikes much better for riders under 5 foot 8. In some cases, they may also be more comfortable for taller riders, depending on your riding style or preferences.

Regardless of the bike’s height, you must purchase one that is best for you, not just one that looks the best. This could be key in case of any crash or accident.

Motorcycle Size Mismatch Issues?

So what happens if you get a bike that is too tall and heavy for you? Maybe you didn’t want to look like you got the wrong one. Or you don’t want to seem too short behind the handles.

And this could be a major issue out on the open road. A too-tall bike is harder to handle standing up and may throw off your center of gravity.
Furthermore, usually a taller bike often also means a heavier bike. The extra weight can be fatal if you are not used to this. It throws off your riding style and can prove very difficult to lift in case of a tip or a crash.

Be smart. Don’t just get a bike based on looks or machismo. Take it from me. I’ve been riding for decades. The number one thing I want is for you to be safe when riding. Getting the right size of the bike– with the right seat or wheel height is key to this equation.

You cannot substitute out safety through cosmetic features. If you are safest on a bike under 26 inches tall, as cited above, take the chance.

The cost might seem difficult upfront (although shorter bikes are often less expensive). However, the actual price of safety will be the only one that matters. Make the right choice. For more info or to contact me with any questions, email me at losangeles@ehlinelaw.com. I’m here for you– from one biker to another. That is my promise.

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