A Guide to the What, How and Why of Spec Motorcycle Tire

When it comes to getting motorcycle tires, you can find one in all shapes and sizes. From bias ply tires and radial tires to tubeless tire and wider tires, you can find motorcycle tires for just about every type of rider. And while many riders would prefer getting regular old tires, some savvy street riders will prefer getting street tires or spec tires.

Now as a first time rider, you might not know what a spec tire is or why you should care about it. Well here is everything that you need to know about spec tires and aftermarket wheels.

What is a spec motorcycle tire everything you need to know

A spec tire, is your average tubeless tire or street tires. These are tires that a tire manufacturer will make to meet the specific requirements of a racing organization. You can’t find these unique motorcycle tires as easily, since most tire manufacturers makes these tires on special orders.

So unlike regular bias ply tires or radial tires, tire manufacturers will manufacture this motorcycle tire with softer compounds. The softer compounds for the white wall tire tt make it the right tire to take on the track.

The softer materials on these track day tires does offer more grip, but that does come at the cost of increased motorcycle tire wear. Compared to sport tires or factory spec tires, these motorcycle tires tend to be a lot narrower which makes them a lot easier to maneuver than a particular tire.

They especially make for an improvement over OEM tire.

While not all professional and amateur racers are using this tube type tire, many are now considering it to be a great tire since tire companies put special consideration into making these. The only significant downside to this type of bias ply tire is that tire wear very fast.

Why do many racers prefer these motorcycle tires

There are plenty of advantages that come with these unique motorcycle tires compared to regular sport touring tires. For one, the tire size is a major factor why many consider it, since it is a lot thinner than regular oem tires.

Since the tire’s width is a lot less, these tires make maneuvering across a track a lot smoother. Since the aspect ratio of these tires, or the height to width ratio, is a lot higher, handling the bike across its nominal width tread is a lot easier.

Secondly, the unique tread pattern, aspect ratio, tire size, and increased speed rating means that these tires work great in wet or icy weather conditions. The unique tread pattern is especially helpful in achieving that unique grip.

Another reason why many riders prefer these types of tire is because tire manufacturers put a lot of consideration into building these tires from the ground up.

Their higher speed rating, increased tire size, increased aspect ratio, and improved load rating means that it offers a much smoother riding experience. The increased speed ratings mean that these bikes can reach a higher maximum speed and handle a greater maximum load compared to most other motorcycle tires.

You can also attribute the smoother riding experience to the tire size and the increased motorcycle tire pressure which you can measure through an accurate tire pressure gauge.

Finally, one major reason why people prefer spec tires over a regular motorcycle tires is that it has improved tire construction. While most bikes tires are radial construction, this tire construction is more robust and can offer better grip.

The improved tire construction means that it can last a lot longer and won’t need changing as often. All in all, the tire construction also contributes to an improved speed rating as well, which allows it to reach a higher maximum speed.

Most touring bikes the will also get these unique tires since they have improved speed ratings.

How to tell if you have a spec tire from reputable tire manufacturers

Unlike a regular motorcycle tire or tubeless tires, these unique tires happen to have a lot of difference that make them stand out from their traditional counterparts. The first major difference that you might notice with your specific tires is that it has the logo of its affiliated racing organization on it.

Along with this major change, you will also notice the tire width for these unique tires is different too. A new tire will not be as wide, since it focuses more on improving handling. The increased focus on maneuverability is also why its load rating also takes a hit, which means the maximum load that it can handle is also less.

These unique tires will also have an improved speed rating which will all allow the motorcycle tire to reach faster maximum speed.

Another way that you can tell this motorcycle tire apart from stock sizes of tires is the unique tread pattern that it has. A tire manufacturer will always design these tires the for track day, which means that the tire tread pattern will also be different.

The pattern ensures ample traction for this tread tire, giving any motorcycle manufacturer to deign a bike that will take advantage of the unique tire size, aspect ratio, and the improved speed ratings.

So if you see a motorcycle tire with with all of the features mentioned above, then it is very likely that the tire is a spec tire. It is important to understand that these tires are often the opposite of off road tires, since the tread pattern doesn’t allow a sports bike or street bikes the eh to handle properly.

You should also be careful when considering your bike’s load carrying capability by checking the load index, which represents the maximum weight a tire can withstand.

how much do these unique bias ply tires cost

One of the major things that differentiates these unique spec tires from most tires that you can find is their price. Along with the motorcycle tire size and the different speed rating and aspect ratio, all of these differences often makes these this type of tire the pricier option.

Whether you’re looking to fit the front tire cupping or the rear tire, you will likely be paying the same amount for both bike tires.

But if you really are getting this tire for your bike, the first that you should consider, along with things like the load index and fuel mileage, is the type of bike you have. Choosing tires is never easy, especially if you’re looking for a bias ply, but the type of bike should be a major consideration.

Whether you have a cruiser or sport bikes, will dictate the type of tire you get as well as the motorcycle tire size, speed rating, rim diameter, aspect ratio, inner air tube, and load ranges.

The next thing that you should consider along with all of the factors mentioned above for a front tire is your budget. While this type of tire does provide maximum grip and has a higher speed index, it is susceptible more regular wear than other tires tires, which can also affect the air inside.

But with other factors now in consideration with the optional information, you should expect to pay between $60 and $200 for tires from a manufacturer that only created them for asphalt.

But if you want something that can better cater to off road as well, then you want tire from a manufacturer that is more versatile, which can also be a little more expensive at a price between $100 and $300.

Can you improve your bike performance with factory tires

The important thing to understand about a bike tire is that it can significantly affect the performance of your bike. If isn’t enough tire pressures, then your engine will have to work harder to compensate, which could lead to serious engine trouble in the future.

But luckily, there are a few ways you can improve the performance of your bike without getting a new tire set.

Optimal pressure

The first way that you can improve the performance of your motorcycle is by keeping each tire pressures optimal. While under inflating the tires could lead to uneven wear, over inflating a tire can make it more susceptible to failing or puncturing.

Both of these factors don’t just affect your motorcycle performance but it can also affect your tire life and riding style, since you can even find it difficult to ride in a straight line.

lubricate your chain

Second, you need to make sure that you chain is lubricated, which will keep your gears in good shape and keep your bike as a whole much healthier.

Make regular trips to mechanic

Finally, you should make regular trips to your local mechanic to improve tire life and keep your bike in good shape. They can look into any small issues that your bike might have, and they can also fix any problems that would have turned into major issues in the long run.

All in all, there are plenty of ways that you can keep your bike performing well, even if you have old tire.