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2018 Indian Bobber

2018 Indian Bobber

Indians new release, the 2018 Indian Bobber.
Come along for a real ride through the countryside as Tony puts the Indian Scout Bobber through its paces and makes comments as he does so.
The 2018 Indian Bobber is a Scout that has been stripped down of its frills and given the blacked out treatment along with being lower.
This gives the bike a customized look, and factory optional extras are limited to a passenger seat,  saddlebag and an exhaust muffler upgrade which the factory describe as having a better rumbling throaty exhaust sound.
Possibly may increase performance slightly as well.

Engine is naturally a V twin,  capacity is 1135 cc,  fuel injected putting out 94 horse power and 72 ft.lbs of torque.  It is mated to a 6 speed gearbox.
Indian history goes back a long way, as does the name Bobber.

This review was released a week ago and Tony, the rider and commentator, seemed impressed and quite happy with the handling and performance of this bike as he took it on a run through a variety of different classes of roads.

There is no doubt Polaris are doing things right with its development of the Indian range of motorcycles and this is firmly reflected in its sales figures.
While still a long way behind Harley Davidson,  Indian sales increased 67% in the last year, while Harley Davidson went down 2%.  This is in spite of the over 900cc market being flat.
But there is a big BUT here as Harley Davidson are expecting a 7% drop in worldwide sales for the current year, and even more disturbing is that in the first quarter of this year which is recognised as the trendsetter they are 9.3% down in sales in the USA, and 6.7% down worldwide.
So it seems brand loyalty to Harley Davidson is slipping away,  not good as they are working hard to try and keep their share of the market.
However that’s life and there are no guarantees.  Henderson made excellent motorcycles and went by the wayside,  as did many British high end manufacturers like Brough and Vincent.

What is interesting is at this rate within three and a half years Indian will once again be equal to Harley Davidson, and it is a long long time since that ever happened.
Indian made the big mistake during WWll when it forgot its domestic market and concentrated solely on manufacturing for the military.
Very patriotic for sure but have to wonder if the directors had their brain in gear when making that decision.  Surely they would have followed Harley Davidson in making some extra bikes for the domestic market and kept their dealers on board.
It is going to be an interesting time for sure.

What is the new Bobber like to ride?  Watch this just released video and find out

Special thanks to TonyStunts1.  Photos are video screen shots.